FUJITSU Image Scanner


Fujitsu has launched Fujitsu Digital Solutions’ Image Scanner, the world’s first scanner that can scan multiple pages at once and then automatically organize them for convenient viewing.

The system is designed to reduce the time required to maintain an office library by letting users easily search for locations on documents using the integrated Find function.
The Image Scanner will be available in early September and will cost $499 when sold separately from inkjet multipage scanner or $199 with an inkjet multipage scanner. It can be connected to a PC via USB or directly to a printer for scanning documents, photographs and other photos stored in desk drawers or file cabinets.
Scanning several pages at once enables users to scan more pages in less time than before and lets them capture entire documents without having to rescan each page individually. The new scanner also comes with automatic document feeder (ADF) technology that enables it to save paper by feeding the next sheet of paper in as soon as it is scanned into the ADF tray. As well as helping cut down on costs, this feature makes it easier than ever to maintain a library of important documents over long periods of time because users no longer have to rescan every page again when adding new pages.

Fujitsu’s Digital Solutions Offer Benefits for Office Environment

The company’s Fujitsu Digital Solutions offer many benefits for the office environment. They make it easy for users to view and secure documents, their simple search function makes it easy to locate information on documents and files, and they let users scan multiple pages at once.
Additionally, the Image Scanner comes with ADF technology that helps reduce paper usage among employees by feeding the next page of a document in as soon as it is scanned into the ADF tray. This means that your whole library doesn’t have to be rescanned when you add new pages to your library.

New Image Scanner Can Scan Multiple Pages at Once

The Image Scanner offers a number of different features that make it easier to maintain a paper library. These include automatic document feeder technology, automatic color detection, and a digital workflow for organizing scanned documents. The result is a more efficient way to scan documents and reduce the time taken to add new ones.
The Image Scanner also includes an ADF that can hold up to 100 sheets at once – enough to fill an entire file cabinet with scanned documents without having to re-scan each page again. This means users can easily store their entire document library on one device and have all their important files in one place while reducing the amount of time spent per day scanning new pages.

Find Function Lets Users Search for Locations on Documents

The Image Scanner automatically organizes scanned documents for convenient viewing thanks to the integrated Find function. This feature lets users search for locations on a document, such as pages or words, in order to find information quickly.
The Image Scanner also comes with a scanning speed of up to 8 pages per minute with ADF and automatic document feeder technology, which means it can complete an entire document in less time than before. The scanner is compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.7 or later, and Linux.

ADF Technology Automatically Feeds Next Sheet of Paper as it is Scanned

The system’s ADF technology automatically feeds the next sheet of paper in as it is scanned into the tray, so users no longer have to rescan every page again when adding new pages. This helps reduce the time spent scanning a document by up to 50 percent and saves paper consumption by up to 40 percent.
Additionally, this new scanner’s feeder can hold up to 250 sheets at one go, which is around 100 sheets more than other scanners.

New Image Scan provides Instant Organization Features and More Efficient Workflow

The new Image Scanner provides easy document organization with a feature called “Instant Organization.” Instant Organization lets users view multiple pages at once and organize them into different categories. For example, a book can be divided by chapters or sections, or the multiple pages can be scanned together into one document.
Another handy feature of the Image Scanner is that it has a document feeder for automatic scanning. This means that users won’t have to constantly pull out paper from the scanner or worry about running out of space when they’re recording important documents that need to be kept for later use. It also makes it easier to maintain a library of important documents over long periods of time because they don’t have to rescan every page again when adding new pages.


Using the Fujitsu Image Scanner ScanSnap, a business can benefit from the ease of scanning documents and the efficiency it provides with automatic feeding. The new features provide an easy way to organize documents by placing them in albums, find locations on documents and more.

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