Fujitsu fi-6130 Driver Download


 Fujitsu fi-6130 Driver DownloadFujitsu fi-6130 Driver Download – The fi-6130 may be a compact desktop device that connects to a number laptop via USB and is battery-powered by a separate AC adapter. Finished in 2 inoffensive reminder gray, it’s a footprint smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, though it needs concerning double the table area once the paper trays are fitted and extended.

Enhanced with innovative options, the Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner offers an outstanding price/performance price during a compact footprint, protective each area and budget. the fi-6130 additionally delivers the uncompromised high-resolution performance of up to sixty pictures per minute in color at associate degree astounding three hundred dpi.

As the quickest and most compact scanner in its class(*1), the A4 color duplex ADF fi-6130 is little enough to use at your table. Seamless Microsoft® workplace SharePoint® Server (MOSS) linkability. The result’s even easier document management.

The scanner options duplex capabilities, jactitation up to eighty pictures per minute for monochrome and grayscale, and up to sixty pictures per minute for color. in addition, victimization the motorcar document feeder there isn’t any ought to manually scan one page at a time. The ADF will scan documents up to 10′ long and maybe fed thick, weighted papers and cards. operates just like the unhearable Double Feed Detection and Intelligent MultiFeed Function facilitate keep jobs from obtaining derailed, alerting the operator to potential problems and providing a manual bypass of issues.

the fi-6130 is that the 1st workgroup scanner equipped with reversing roller technology, leading to unmatched feeding dependableness for a good type of document weights. the automated document feeder (ADF) is capable of scanning documents up to ten feet long, associate degreed additionally strong enough to feed up to a few exhausting cards incessantly or an adorned card up to one.4 millimeter in thickness. in addition, the fi-6130 harmoniously combines the protection of unhearable Double Feed Detection with the potency of Intelligent MultiFeed operate (MF) so intentional double-feeds, like a taped receipt or sticky note, will be manually bypassed whereas double-feed detection is enabled

Fujitsu fi-6130 Driver Download

The Fujitsu Fi-6130 has been a preferred document scanner since it 1st appeared a couple of years past. Time has since established it to be a valuable addition to associate degree in numerous range of offices around the world. If you simply ought to scan text documents, this could be the fastest and least dearly-won alternative for you.

The higher scanning resolution doesn’t come back at the sacrifice of speed as long as you don’t want the 600dpi all the time. The Fi-6130Z is simply as quick if you set it to constant 300dpi because of 6130. as an example, the automated document feeder will pull in up to thirty two-sided pages per minute for color scans with pictures.

The size limitations stay constant as they’re with the Fi-6130. The Fujitsu fi-6130 Driver Download holds up to fifty pages of a letter or legal size paper at a time, however, it may also scan business cards as tiny as 2×3 inches. And Fujitsu designed this scanner to manage up to four,000 pages every day. You’ll be distressed to overwork it.

The feeder permits any document size from 2×3 inches (A8) up to legal size paper (8.5×14). As you import, create use of the Fi-6130’s package to manage your digital documents. It comes bundled with ScandAll professional, Adobe jock, and an effort of QuickScan professional, and it’s dyad drivers. Those drivers enable you to initiate a scan from within another program like Word. you’ll additionally network the scanner with Microsoft’s SharePoint.

The scanner is constructed for daily use of around four,000 pages, with the sole expendable being a replacement roller pack rated for a formidable four hundred,000 pages. this provides it an extended maintenance interval and lower running prices than some competitors, though some may balk at paying around £90 each year or 2 for a couple of foam and plastic rollers.

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Fujitsu fi-6130 Driver Download